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Wiffle Rules
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The Pitches


These are a bunch of Wiffle Pitches. Note picture of ball, the black line is the equator.

PITCHES (For Righties)
Fastball- Hold the ball with the holes up and your thumb and first and second fingers at the equator. Use a 3/4 sidearm throw. Should go straight.

Curve- Hold ball with holes to the right and your first and second fingers across the equator. Thumb should be between the North and South Pole. Think about it being on the Greenwich Meridian. Throw with and overhand to 3/4 motion and put lots of spin on it.

Super Curve- Hold ball like you would a football with holes facing toward the batter. Then throw overhand to 3/4 and try to spin it like a football. I can sometimes get mine to go behind a batter's head and hit the strike zone.

Sinker- Hold like super curve except with holes toward the sky. Use a full sidearm release and it sinks like the Titanic. You've got to aim high and if thrown properly is practically unhittable.

Riser- Hold like Super Curve but with holes to the ground. Throw with a full sidearm motion and it should cruise near the ground and then rise and curve toward the batter. This pitch is very accurate also.

Knuckleball- Hold with fingers curled over and the solid part of the ball touching the knuckles. Put thumb in one of the holes and snap wrist so that the ball will not spin. you have to experiment a little, but it has great movement.

Screwball- Hold the holes to the right. Put your thumb to the left under the ball. The index finger on top and to the left. The middle finger on the holes. The rest on the side. Hold it over your head and snap your wrist the other way. Drop your hand and snap the other way. It will travel then get to the batter and curve directly right. This is my 3-2 pitch. Gets them every time. Practice first, because you will walk a lot of batters until you master this pitch.

The Makes the batter angry pitch- Hold the ball like a slider, with the holes to the right. Throw the ball in a complete sidearm delivery. When releasing the ball, snap your wrist as if you were throwing a curveball with a hardball. It doesn't have to be too hard to work. If you throw this slower, it will just be a huge curve, so aim way behind the batter. If thrown harder and faster, the ball will be more of a fastball, then in the last foot or two quickly go down and away from a righty batter. If will not loose speed as it changes direction! The break happens within a foot. Time it so it will break about a foot to two feet in front of the batter.